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Slacker is a multimedia company. We make videos for the internet. Founded by Greg in 2018, we have a lot of aspirations. For now, we focus on filmmaking as an art, teaching and guiding people interested in filmmaking through courses, tutorials, articles and blog posts.

Meet The Team

Gregory Chamberlain

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With a Bachelor degree in Film, Greg founded Slacker in 2018. (This is the guy in the videos)

Kate Weekley


Kate is a nurse. She's Greg's fiancee and she helps with many day-to-day activities that involves keeping Slacker afloat.

General Manager

Alex Cook

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Alex Cook, 25, veteran, spends too much time taking pictures of his dog


Josh Collier

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Josh has yet to tell me anything about himself so this is the bio that he gets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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