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Gordon Ramsay’s New Two-Part Cocaine Documentary

Gordon Ramsay, in a new ITV documentary , reveals the prevalence of cocaine use in the culinary industry. The documentary has been split into two parts, with the first half airing on ITV at 9pm EST on October 19

Britain, being the biggest user of cocaine in Europe (9.4% of all 16-59 year-olds have used the drug at least once in their life), has had some issues with the drug. According to ITV, “What Ramsay has seen with his own eyes inspired him to investigate the criminal business behind the trade.”

From what the trailer revealed, it seems as though the documentary will focus primarily on the creation, packaging, selling, and delivery of the drug (with Ramsay’s signature presenting style and “vernacular”). It may touch on some other things such as Ramsay’s experience in the industry with the drug, but that’s just speculation on my part...

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