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Most Comprehensive Editing Tutorial Ever.

Taran Van Hemert is the main editor over at Linus Tech Tips. He has edited for Linus for the last 4 years. Recently on his own YouTube channel, has edited and editing tutorial of how he edits an edit for LTT (Yes, I did intentionally try to mention the word "edit" as many times as I could in that sentence).

On October 30, he published his video, "World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) - Editing LTT from start to finish." He goes super in depth about the editing process, even going as far as mentioning the gear he's using, explaining a tool called "Auto Hot Key" (which seems f***ing awesome and super scary at the same time) and honestly, a lot. The video is 4 hours long.

Initially, I the skeptic, began watching the video just to make sure it was "up to par", isn't teaching bad editing habits, and doesn't contain pointless information. As I continued watching, I found myself at the one hour mark. I was learning. This video is extremely comprehensive. Whether you're just starting off, or are a seasoned editor, this video will teach you something.

He does a great job with the pacing (he better have, he's an editor), the video doesn't drag on... He explains every keybind, every kind of cut, displays his keystrokes on the screen... At some points, while not satisfied with how easy the original video was to edit, he would start editing something else to demonstrate different techniques and challenges.

One thing I noticed that he doesn't touch on, was the interface itself... he doesn't explain what the tools do, what a bin is (it's like a folder opened within the software rather than in your finder/library window) or what the timeline is and how it works... The way he presents the video though, I almost question whether or not you need that information anyways. I know what those things are because I took classes on editing. A newbie might not know, but could probably figure it out from context clues. I don't know. From someone who's suffered through tutorials though, watch this video.

The time code is a little lengthy but if you're serious about editing, you should seriously consider watching this video. If you don't have time, don't worry, he also splits the video up into chapters with clickable timestamps in the description.

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