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Cool S#!t Of The Week

This week we're featuring some awesome people, it was a semi decent week in terms of coolness... Which, doesn't usually happen, but I have a lot to show you! Woo!


Chameleon Tongue!

Destin over at Smarter Every Day put out a video which demonstrates the mechanism behind Chameleon's catapulting tongues. It blew my mind. My mouth was open in awe the whole time. I didn't know that there was a process that could make dead animal's skin transparent... crazy stuff, love me some Smarter Every Day.



Linus Tech Tips just put out a video of Linus touring the game studio Monolith, who or responsible the game for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.



So I also found a video by the guys over at Baltimore Knife & Sword, who recreated Blade's sword from the movie Blade. From just a chunk of titanium, the boys heat up, hammer, and hand forge a sword with perfectly replicates Blade's. Watch them meticulously forge, grind, and build this sword:



Animator Nick Murray Willis reimagined famous movie quotes with a bit of a twist. It's pretty self explanatory, but still pretty funny.


Crash Course On Modular Synths

Musician Andrew Huang shows us a small portion of his life by breaking down and explaining an instrument that he's been building for 13 years. A modular synthesizer. He explains what a synth is, how it works, and even tells you where to pick some up, where to start, and what to expect.


How To Hide Files Within Other Files

The boys over at Modern Rogue dive into the world of Steganography or "the practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data." In the video, they teach you one basic method of how to do hide files. They also guide you to other resources and methods that can help you with it as well.


​​Lava Lamp Encryption

Speaking of encrypting data, a company called Cloudflare, uses a special method for generating random numbers to keep data secure. It's fascinating as hell, even if you know nothing about this kind of stuff.



Ben Harvey, AKA the Rabid Squirrel has painstakingly drawn out a whole hour long Line Rider track (that game where you draw a line for a dude on a sledge to ride), which is also synchronized to music. The music is by a band called "This Will Destroy You", and the video features their whole first studio album of the same name. Pretty neat.


And that concludes this week's post of cool shit of the week. I'm trying to find stuff everyday, but you know... not a lot of cool shit happens a lot of the time. For some bonus material, here's some new movie trailers and music videos from this week as well. Have a good one.


I, Tonya

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (#2)

Disaster Artist

Daddy's Home 2



Shawn Mendes - Bad Reputation (MTV UNPLUGGED)

N.E.R.D & Rihanna - Lemon

Gorillaz - Garage Palace (Visualiser)

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