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Cool S#!t Of The Week

This week we're featuring some awesome people, it was a semi decent week in terms of coolness... Which, doesn't usually happen, but I have a lot to show you! Woo!


Chameleon Tongue!

Destin over at Smarter Every Day put out a video which demonstrates the mechanism behind Chameleon's catapulting tongues. It blew my mind. My mouth was open in awe the whole time. I didn't know that there was a process that could make dead animal's skin transparent... crazy stuff, love me some Smarter Every Day.



Linus Tech Tips just put out a video of Linus touring the game studio Monolith, who or responsible the game for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.



So I also found a video by the guys over at Baltimore Knife & Sword, who recreated Blade's sword from the movie Blade. From just a chunk of titanium, the boys heat up, hammer, and hand forge a sword with perfectly replicates Blade's. Watch them meticulously forge, grind, and build this sword:



Animator Nick Murray Willis reimagined famous movie quotes with a bit of a twist. It's pretty self explanatory, but still pretty funny.