Creating Practical Title Sequences

I stumbled upon this channel recently called "InCamera." Their channel aims at reviving the art of practical effects... Obviously, like many, I'm a huge fan of practical effects when compared to digital CGI or VFX. If I can bake it into my footage, shoot it in-camera; even if it's a little more expensive, that's usually my first choice.

Corridor Digital, VFX house and Youtube creators based out of LA have a series called "VFX Artists React." In one of their episodes with Seth Rogan, they talk about the use of practical effects in the movie "This Is The End"(2013) and how eventually, a practically shot monster was entirely replaced with CG.

There's arguments for either way of doing things, you could create title sequences in-camera, or you can create them to look just as good in Blender, After Effects, or even FCPX. It all depends on how much you trust yourself and your abilities as an artist, or whether you have the tools, lighting, and equipment to shoot title sequences practically.

Overall, the only way to get better is to practice.

If practical effects are something you're into, you should follow this rabbit hole. This was the video that introduced me to this channel, from there I moved on to other videos from them, eventually discovering other similar channels that are also trying to revive practical effects.

Good luck!