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Directors Talk About Editing

Learn from the best. If you haven't seen our Editing Theory post, It's suggested that you go that out first, namely, the Star Wars video.

The reason we're posting this here, is because as a filmmaker, you need to study. Learn from the best. I am not the best, so I'm pointing you in the direction of true professionals and artists.

Good directors won't edit their own projects. You just shouldn't. As a director, you're too attached to the footage. That's why there's usually two major cuts of most movies. The theatrical release, and the directors cut. The director's cut usually being a longer version of the movie that includes more footage that you can get on DVD or a streaming service. We already touched on this a bit in the Editing Theory post, but we want to really drill this into your skull. Here's my favorite director of all time talking about it:

Tarantino is old school. Now, the idea of using female editors for the reasons he's mentioned isn't an old concept. In fact, it's brought up in our History of Editing post. Biologically, women are nurturing. To contrast, men are more egotistical and full of themselves, waiting to prove someone wrong. If you don't believe me, go to film school and chat with some of the guys. Pretentious and arrogant, that's how dudes are.

Adam Epstein talks about this footage in our Editing Theory post, but this is the whole interview in case you wanted to watch that uninterrupted.

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