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Cool S#!t of the Week

I want to start a weekly highlight of cool stuff I found on the internet throughout the week. These are going to be completely biased, because they're going to be my opinion of what's cool...


Vice did a pretty rad documentary about skater, and Jackass, Bam Margera. Not to bring up too much about the past, but because I'm a Bam fan, I watched him seemingly spiral out of control after the lost of his friend, Ryan Dunn. The reasons for the decline were understandable to say the least. However, Vice recently caught up with Margera and documented his recovery. Becoming clean and sober for the first time in years, stepping on a board and skating again. It's great to see.



Tom Delonge, former front man of Blink 182, speaks on Joe Rogan's Podcast about the existance of Aliens, Advanced Aerial Threats, UFOS, the Government and all sorts of awesomeness. Personally, I like to try and keep an open mind about these kinds of things, Rogan clearly isn't having any part of it though. They both bring up interesting stuff for both arguments (aliens existing vs. not existing). Being a Blink fan, it's hard to not trust Delonge, although some of the stuff he says does seem sketchy. The podcast is great. Listen to it in the car or something.



Red Bull put out a video of some people with balls of steel racing down a hill in Japan. The road is 10km long and winds back and forth. Accompanied with rock n roll, drone shots, and the sense of impending doom for the racers, this was fun to watch.


That's all we really have for this week, not too much cool stuff happened. I'll be more diligent for cool shit next week. these will also become a Saturday post, not a Tuesday post, so expect the next one on Saturday.

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