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Unexpected Insight from a Pro Colorist

This whole video seems like an accident and I'm damn glad that it exists. It's just... so good. It starts out as a pretty standard Youtube filmmaker tutorial video. Armando Ferreria was trying to hop on the hype train surrounding the a7S III and accidentally found the most wholesome, knowledgable, most patient colorist on this Earth, Shane Ruggieri from Dolby. Shane's knowledge and wisdom surly surpassing the threshold of Armando's intents. It is one of the BEST color grading theory videos out there.

Shane doesn't care about the specs, he doesn't care about how "well" the footage from the a7S III grades. He cares about story, eye trace, emotion, and intimacy.

No matter how hard Armando pushes to get Shane to play along, Shane keeps schooling him by teaching him (and us) real world lessons and dropping truth bombs all throughout the 34 minute run time.

This video surprised the absolute shit out of me, and it is worth every minute. Even during Armando's interruptions, (It physically hurt me when he said "Lets jump into Twitter because I already feel like this video is pretty long!") and his cringey Q&A.

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