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Unexpected Insight from a Pro Colorist

I stumbled upon a YouTube tutorial video by Armando Ferreria, trying to ride the hype wave around the new Sony a7S III camera. However, what I found was unexpected and delightful: a true gem of a conversation with Shane Ruggieri, a colorist at Dolby.

This video is not your typical tutorial video. It's a 34-minute-long discussion that offers valuable insights into color grading theory. What struck me the most was Shane's approach to color grading. Unlike most people who focus on camera specs and the technical aspects of grading footage, Shane's priority is on the story, eye trace, emotion, and intimacy. He drops truth bombs and shares real-world lessons throughout the conversation.

Despite Armando's attempts to steer the conversation towards technical details, Shane maintains his focus on the storytelling aspect of color grading. His wisdom and knowledge surpass the scope of Armando's original intentions for the video.

This video surprised me with its unexpected insights and is definitely worth watching. Even with Armando's interruptions and cringey Q&A, it's one of the best color grading theory videos out there.



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