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A Victory in the MTX War?

Holy shit!! What a week in the escalating Microtransactions War!

The much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2 has finally been released and it has been welcomed with open arms by passionate fans… except those weren’t exactly loving arms.

While Battlefront 2 seems to have overcome the main down points of the previous game, adding a single-player story and much more multiplayer content, DICE made the brilliant decision to put most of that content behind a ridiculous progression system. A system that can, of course, be skipped with microtransactions. This set off a course of events this past week that felt like an actual Star Wars movie. The evil Empire makes you pay to play as your favorite heroes and the avid gamer Rebellion takes up arms against it.

No, this fight wasn’t physical, but there sure were battles fought, and just like the movies, it looks like the Rebellion may have won… for now.

But let’s go back to the beginning. The fears of Battlefront 2 being pay-to-win first came up during the beta in October, and those fears were realized when player