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Bungie i$ being $ketchy...

Another week another video game controversy… This time we’re looking at Destiny 2’s hidden XP scaling, and Bungie’s lack of communication. By scaling, I mean that as you play Destiny 2, you are told you’re getting a certain amount of XP, but in actuality, you are getting much less.

So, this all started when players were noticing that they weren’t being given the proper amount of XP for the various activities in Destiny 2’s end game, mainly the public events. Taking it upon himself, EnergiserX on reddit, posted what he found through his own in depth investigation, proving that there was indeed XP scaling going on.​​

That’s right, this dude is like an old P.I… but with video games, and we need more people like him!

The day after these findings were posted, Bungie released a