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Tarantino to make a Star Trek movie?

On Monday night, Deadline reported that Quentin Tarantino has met with Paramount and J.J. Abrams to talk about his Star Trek movie idea.

Tarantino actually talked about his love for the franchise and about wanting to make a movie back in a 2015 episode of The Nerdist Podcast. Answering a fan’s question about directing a Star Wars movie, Quentin says he would rather do a Trek film. He mentions that some of the great episodes, in particular The Next Generation’s episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” would make for an awesome movie if their plots were expanded upon.

Then, this past October, TMZ caught Tarantino and asked if he really wanted to direct a Star Trek movie. He replied with, “It would be worth having a meeting.” Which apparently, that meeting has happened. Deadline’s sources say that Paramount is working on putting together a writers room that will work with Tarantino’s idea.

It may seem rather crazy to see Tarantino direct a Star Trek movie, but I think it would be awesome. Especially if it’s a story about time travel or an alternate universe. I would be really interested in seeing what kind of crazy story he has come up with.

Most fans of Trek are likely worried that this movie would be way too violent, which is a valid worry. But, I think we just have to look at the new Star Trek Discovery show to see that Star Trek is kind of already on it’s way there. I mean, the show has dropped the F-bomb and shown nudity, which were both a first for Trek.

Of course, a lot of people have criticized the show for those things, but I personally see nothing wrong with a more mature Star Trek. The show has always dealt with some rather mature subjects like torture and PTSD. If this new movie stays with the current movie cast, then I say it’s about time we get to see some Klingon/Federation battles going, something the recent movies have been lacking.

Really, it is a bit early to start worrying about what this movie will be when it’s just now starting to get developed. I wouldn’t mind seeing this play out though, because it’s just more Star Trek, and a different Star Trek which isn’t a bad thing.

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