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The Weird World of A Capella Metal

This Exists, is a wonderful Youtube channel run by Sam Sutherland. He produces informative podcast-esque videos that are based on oddities that exist. On December 7th, the channel posted a video about a capella metal and hardcore songs.

Sutherland goes on to talk about the weirdness of the internet in the late 90s and the story of a band named Jud Jud, who seem to be the founders of a capella metal (if you want to read more about them, David Anthony over at Noisey wrote an article all about them... it feels like the written-discount version of the "Searching for Sugar Man" documentary) Sutherland also talks about Napster, other a capella metal groups. Great video. Watch it.

Anyways, he goes down a rabbit hole of a bunch of things, I just wanted to expand on the topic. Here's a few of my favorite a capella metal songs that I was able to find.

Du Hast - Viva Vox (Lower quality video/audio, but still awesome)

Master Of Puppets - Van Canto (A band mentioned in the This Exists video)

Blink 182 - B.A.Z. (I'm also not sure if this one fully counts but I'll share anything Blink 182 so deal with it.)

What do you think? Is this something that should stay? Too cringey for you? Let us know!

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