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Tutorial: Nikon Firmware Hack

Nikon Firmware Downloads:

Firmware Hacker:

This is a really easy process... I'm literally going to list the steps.

1. Format your SD card in your Nikon camera.

2. Remove the card from the camera and plug it into your computer.

4. Extract your firmware update (the .bin file) and put it somewhere on your computer (I used my desktop).

5. Go to this link and upload your camera's firmware update (the .bin file).

6. Select the patch settings you want to "hack". Here are the settings I used.

7. If you're using any beta or alpha version settings, you'll have to press "accept" at the bottom of the page.

8. Download your new patch.

9. Drag and drop your new patch into your SD card. Don't put it in any folders, just leave it in the root directory.

10. Your "hacked" firmware file may say "patched_" in the name, you'll need to delete "patched_" from the name.

11. Remove your SD card from your computer and plug it into your Nikon Camera.

12. Go to the menu of your camera, look for the "Setup Menu" and find "Firmware".

13. Your camera will detect the new firmware and will give you the option to press "update"... Press update.

14. Let the camera do it's thing, don't turn it off.

15. You're done.

I am not responsible if you break your camera doing this. You are doing this at your own risk...

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