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Editors Talk About Editing

It is always best to learn from people who know what they're talking about. It's especially helpful from editors because the act of editing isn't an exact science, it's a thing that relies on instinct rather than a formula. There's guidelines, but not rules, if that makes sense.

Be glad you're learning about editing and not sound... Audio guys are weird. I wouldn't want to be in their mind at all.

These next few videos are probably the best two you'll watch in these whole courses. If you really want to be an editor, you have to get in their mind set. These are exactly that.

I've used a lot of This Guy Edit's videos in these posts. There's a couple more I want you to watch, but I also want to give him proper credit. Instead of embedding these next ones, I'm just going to link them. Go leave him a comment, go subscribe to him while you're at it!

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