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Theory: Editing

This post is about the "whens" and "whys" of editing. This post curates the best videos and resources we've found about editing theory. You won't learn "how" to edit from this post... instead, you'll learn how to "feel" your edit. Some of these videos and resources repeat information, but honestly, when learning, redundancy is beneficial sometimes.

Now before we begin, I have to explain something. The word "edit" has three major definitions that you will come across frequently.



Edit, noun

1. The timeline, the physical file it takes up on your hard drive or the video itself:

"I let the client take a look at the edit today, they liked it"

2. A cut. The most basic cut, just down the middle, cut the film in half, add another shot behind it.

"Hey, if you move trim this edit back three frames earlier, the match cut will work better"

Edit, verb

1. The act of editing itself.

"I've got to edit this commercial before the deadline in three days"