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Theory vs Technical

Every subject has two ways of learning. You can learn the theory side of a subject or the technical (the technique) side. To master the subject, you have to learn both.

In math, you can practice theory all day. Two plus two is four minus one that's three. That's quick maths. You can also practice the technical side of math all day, learning how to write numbers, learning how to use an abacus, calculator, protractor, compass, you get the idea. This goes for every subject.

To weld, you need to know the theory of welding... how hot you need your material to get before they can fuse, you need to know which metals you can weld, which ones you can't. Then on the technical side, you need to know which machine, MIG, TIG, or stick welder, you should use. How you should rotate the head of your instrument to form a nice even bead...

What I'm saying seems pretty damn obvious, but trust me, you'd be surprised. Picking up a camera and taking pictures doesn't make you a photographer. I don't care how well you understand the settings of that camera... shit, you could learn about all of the settings online and never even touch a camera.

That's fine, but until you understand the theory, the why, the whens of what you're doing, you're just a person with a tool.


Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Doesn't matter. You can learn to take a photo before you learn how to compose it. You can learn what kind of joints to use to build a cabinet before you know how to use the tools to do it.

All that matters is that in the end, you learn how to do both. There is no order, there is no rhyme or reason to learning theory first, technique second. You just need to understand that just because you're a master of theory, you aren't shit till you master the techniques. Just because you master the technique, you aren't shit till you master the theory.

Don't let Dunning Kruger get to you. Take your time. Learn. Most importantly, never stop learning. I discover new techniques every day, I discover new theories every day, new standpoints, new reasons. Never stop learning.


That's what we're about

We want you to learn both through our "film school." We're going to teach you the theory behind a subject as well as the technical aspects... Without paying $80,000. Film school is awesome, I did learn more than I'll ever need in this industry. Making connections was easy because they were my classmates, my instructors, my friends. Parties and goofing off with my friends was fun. I have a ton of knowledge in film, both theoretically and technically because of it. I was set-ready the day I graduated. Shit, even before I graduated.

You don't need to be set-ready. Get on a set. Find the crew calls, find your way on as a PA, learn from physically being there. I'm not a PA, but every day I step on set, I learn something. You should too. Slacker is going to help you learn, we'll teach you all we can, we'll guide you in the right path, but ultimately, it's up to you.



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