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For those times when you see something cool yet still educational. Something you can enjoy watching but still learn little bits of information from. Maybe a very specific tutorial that wouldn't work in most situations, but could still help you out in the long run. Maybe not even a tutorial at all. Maybe a reaction video, maybe an interview... Maybe even just some random video essay about Why Sitcoms Stopped Using Laugh Tracks.

What kind of information? It could be technical stuff, could be theory stuff... it could even be historical stuff that helps you understand where we came from as creators.

Tid-bits could come from pros, or a novice experimenting on something new. Even shirtless Daryl, standing in his backyard next to his lifted Ford Bronco, mouth full of chewing tobacco could spit some wisdom that I want to share with you. I don't judge.

The bottom line, is that a tid-bit on this website is something that doesn't quite fit the bill of "course material", it's just something that has a lesson in it.



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